Why i started shooting myself as a main subject

Why I started shooting myself as a main subject

Years ago, prior to owning my wordpress.com hosted website and wordpress.org with my previous website template, I had a blog that I expressed my thoughts as a creative in order to have a sense of where I fit in with the world.  At the time, I was a post graduate student from Trinity College who studied aboard to Trinidad and Tobago, took some shots in Los Angeles for a few events and eventually headed back and got into press photography work. On the real, thought that this would be the best opportunity to showcase the words behind my pictures. Unfortunately, the blog didn’t last too long for several reasons, but not limited to:

  • I wanted my own website with my own domain name (MAIN REASON)
  • I felt I let my audience down in truly being open fully of how I felt at the time (in other words, there was too much saturation for the want for attention vs. my thought process.
  • I was dealing with toxic relationships at home, work environments, failed hardships in my coming to age agenda post college and four deaths all in once.

I dropped the blog altogether in hopes to showcase just my work and maybe add fresh new blog. Unfortunately, putting up a website with template is not easy for me since I am not the most skilled with CSS/HTML and had to higher cheap labor from fiverr.com. Sadly, I didn’t have the time, mental commitment and energy to add the blog beyond NYFW stuff. Over time, life sucker punches in multiple directions and eventually I stopped shooting altogether. 2016 gave me a sense of revival, thanks to a few folks that I should try, try again, but not the same approach as I was doing before. In fact, December 31, 2016, I cut off from draining folks, rented a camera and entered the New Year with a new approach, stop being in the background so much. From there, I became sponsored by Second Skin as a brand ambassador and shot my first commercial, became a personal trainer at Equinox and mostly importantly have an official portfolio of professional shots from some of the most talented photographers.

In other words, I have no mushy, motivational texts to end this post, but rather urging you to find the courage to finally focus on yourself in order for you to put your best foot forward, something you been seeking to do for the longest. This is your time, something beyond you.

What are some goals, dreams and milestones you want to begin 2018 with? A better job, starting a new relationship? Comment below!


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