Second Skin 2017

I officially became a sponsored brand ambassador/athlete for Second Skin Gear and I am more than excited to share my journey with you as a powerlifter. I may not be as big as a Crossfitter in size, but I can give them a run for their money in the power department.

I was never big on sticking to one brand of clothing in my fitness journey since high school, so I was glad to have experienced several different fitness apparel brands prior to getting sponsored by one. From an athlete’s experience, these clothes really do it all.  The material durability, style, design and sweat proof quality are some of the perks Second Skin delivers well in.

Overall, I am really excited representing the brand further. From the CrossFit games to shooting my first commercial, it’s great to work for a company that represents you as much you work very hard as an athlete.  Second Skin is the official apparel for Dicks’s Sporting Goods.

Here are a few candids, courtesy of yours truly.

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